Blogging in English


It’s very important today for bloggers to write in English in order to share ideas with as many readers as possible in the world because English is the lingua franca of academic discourse, and it is the language of the Internet.

I started this blog last year in my mother tongue, Arabic, as a one-language-blog, but one language in today’s world is never enough. That’s why the blog, starting from today, will be bilingual and it might be trilingual in the near future. Writing in English is very different than writing in Arabic but I will make an effort to write simply and clearly.

The KISS principal will be really useful to blog in English (Keep It Short and Simple). By the way, if you have something to say, the English language will always give you the tools to say it clearly and briefly.

That’s right I am not a fluent writer in English and it’s not that easy to write in a language that’s not my own one, but I am sure it can be done while I try improving my English skills. Actually, I just want to share my ideas with people from different countries and cultures. English will let me talk about different topics for different readers. I also can reach a bigger number of readers.

What I would like to say here is that I am a guy who always supports the personal style for everybody and everything. Thus, you will find here my own way of writing which I will find myself writing in. Simply, I will write as a non-native speaker and that’s all. It’s true that I come from a different culture to the cultures and life styles of the English-speaking countries but I think the differences will not matter a lot and my posts could be still read.

Finally, I would like to invite all of you to leave a comment about the first post in English I’ve just written. I will be really happy when you tell me your personal recommendations about it.


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